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The Inland North West is not populated with sleepy little communities… Anymore!

With the influx newcomers to North Idaho and the Inland North West, things are changing; and NOT for the better!  Sadly these are no longer the places that you grew up in.  The days of leaving your doors unlocked and windows open at night are a thing of the past.  Gone are the days of never locking your car, or not worrying about your family’s safety and wellbeing.

Have you started to wonder:  

Is my home really safe?  Is it secure?  Will I have a break-in? 

How safe am I at work?  What about my place of Worship?

Are there things that I can do to make these places safer?  

Could I be more safety minded in my day-to-day activities?

DANGER CLOSE CONSULTING, LLC offers confidential security consulting to individuals, homeowners, renters, small business owners, employers, and places of worship.

While there are very few certainties in life, most criminals look for easy targets.  Typically, they are looking for the “quick score.”  The more difficult & dangerous you make it for them, the more likely they will go elsewhere.

Our Consultants will make a thorough assessment of your individual situation and/or location.  Within one week, you will receive a confidential detailed report including recommendations on how to fortify and better secure your location, as well as how to enhance your personal safety throughout your daily routine.

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