Private Instruction

We offer “One-on-One” and “Small Group” private instruction, which can be customized to best suit your individual training needs.  Our experienced instructors will help you develop a comprehensive training outline; and will work with you to develop the skillsets necessary for achieving your goals.

FIrearm - Curious?

Let us help you on your journey of enlightenment. With our focus on Safety and Education, we can help empower you with the knowledge necessary to make the correct choices for your unique circumstances.

Newer Shooters

With an emphasis on Safety, we can help you develop the fundamental shooting skills; as well as provide you with a comprehensive plan to achieve your personal goals in the shooting sports / self-defense arenas.

Families / Small Groups

We can customize training to accomplish the needs of your family or small group.  From learning the Fundamentals, to working together as a Team, our instructors are ready to help. Give us a call to discuss your wants and needs.

Out-of-Practice Shooters

Let us help you knock off the “Rust & Dust” safely.  We can help you reacquaint yourself with old skills, and likely develop some new ones. Getting up to speed will be safe, easier than you think, and fun!

Experienced Shooters

Our seasoned instructors can help you bring your skillsets to the next level.  Whether you want to raise your scores in the next 3-gun match, or break through that plateau that has you stagnant and flustered, we can help! 

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss your Personalized Private Training Today!

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